Risk Management: OMEGA TRM uses the latest in technology to identify vulnerabilities within your organization and implement an action plan to mitigate the RISK.


When it comes to risks, every business is different. At OMEGA we tailor the services to you based on your specific needs and industry standards. Here are some of the services offered from OMEGA and OMEGA's TOTAL approach. For a tailored Risk Management Plan please contact us today.

Employee  Education: Most attacks against information systems are facilitated through employees unknowing responses to hackers attacks. Consequently, our approach includes training of your staff on practices necessary to mitigate the most common risks to your systems.
Risk Assessment:  OMEGA TRM has developed a proprietary risk assessment system. We are able to assess the condition of your business's information security relative to national standards.  This is our first step in the process. The assessment will enable you to objectively determine whether you have a need for additional security measures, including our services.
Social Engineering Testing: Do you know how your business would fare to an attack right now? With OMEGA, we test your employees the same way an attacker would. We can simulate an attack without any risk to your business allowing you to identify vulnerabilities in your company before a real attack accrues. You receive detailed reports letting you know exactly the state of your security posture.
Regulatory Compliance: Many organizations have obligations to maintain their clients€™ data security. These include law firms, health care providers, business associates as defined by HIPAA, U.S. Government Contractors, and businesses that maintain personal information for clients and staff. Our cyber security mitigation strategy ensures that your organization complies with the standards of your industry. We are your Due Diligence.