OMEGA TRM uses a comprehensive approach to secure your organization’s information.  Companies, Law Firms, and Medical Practices are not created for cybersecurity.  They are established to provide a necessary supply or service.  The use of technology is merely a tool that facilitates their objectives in a more efficient and economical manner. 


     The same technology that has allowed us to operate more efficiently and effectively also creates certain risks of others obtaining our information, losing our data, or preventing our ability to perform services.  Information security is a dynamic field and no one can totally guarantee that a system will not be attacked.  The most we can do is our due diligence to mitigate the risk of an attack, and if necessary, take remedial measures if an attack is successful.


     Cybersecurity and IT are two distinct skill sets.  Most offices have staff to set up and assist in the deployment and use of information technology systems.  Those staff, however, are seldom trained and rarely certified in cybersecurity.  This reality leaves gaps in the organization's ability to secure its data/information from loss and attack.


     Our Total Risk Management approach will secure your organization’s information and thereby allow you to focus on your core mission.  Our propriety approach strikes a delicate balance between maintaining security while retaining a cumbersome free operational work flow for your organization.


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